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5.00 M33-2/3

Dark_Alex is pretty quick on finding bugs and fixing them. He has already released 5.00 M33-2, and 5.00 m33-3, which you can get
HERE and HERE. So Download it right away!

Posted by DrPepper on Nov 6 2008 9:05 pm.

5.00 M33 1.50 kernel add-on

Dark_AleX has released his 1.50 Kernel Add-On for 5.00 M33. This allows you to play homebrew games made for 1.50 firmware. You can get the kernel add-on HERE.

Posted by WaffleZ on Nov 6 2008 9:02 pm.

CXMB for 5.00 M33

CXMB is a homebrew application that basically lets you have a custom XMB without flashing your PSP. This homebrew application can now be used on 5.00 M33. You can get CXMB for 5.00 M33 HERE.

Posted by WaffleZ on Nov 8 2008 8:59 pm.

5.00 M33 Custom Firmware

Dark Alex and the rest of Team M33 have created 5.00 M33 Custom Firmware! You can get the new Custom Firmware HERE. While their previous release had 4.01 Custom Firmware, the release of the official 5.00 Firmware prompted them to follow suit with one of their very own. 5.00 M33 Custom Firmware has the following changes:

  • Bug fix: when changing speed in xmb, and the psp turned the brightness to 0 automatically the speed was reseted to 222 again.
  • The folder of 5.00 and higher homebrew will be GAME5XX so it won't need change on update.
Posted by DrPepper on Nov 8 2008 8:57 pm.