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SoCoM fOoLiOz
Mod In Training
Mod In Training

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PostSubject: MOD app   Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:40 am

Well i haven't got 175, but I'm getting there, I don't think that there is anyone here that does (lol)

(1. I always help others and i am nice with a little sence of humor.
(2. I have ALMOST enough posts like need 25 more or something.
(3. I have been using AIM for a while, you would know you guys considering I chat with you guys all the time.
(4. I am the SIXTH registered member here on Charged Forums. (look Here
(5. I would like to help moderate this site, and watch it grow from almost nothing, no offense, to a great site.

Please take this application into consideration, because that would be nice i guess.. lol.

P. S. (i also used good grammer and stuff in this app.. isnt taht nice?)

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Site Owner
Site Owner

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PostSubject: Re: MOD app   Sun Nov 23, 2008 5:44 pm


Actually, I do

(1. That's Good
(2. Hmmmm, well, try for 175 soon
(3. LOL, of course
(4. I'm not so sure of that

P. S. S. Good, i like good grammar

At the Time, WaffleZ and I aren't decided
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MOD app
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