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 The Rules

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Site Owner/Coder Team
Site Owner/Coder Team

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PostSubject: The Rules   Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:31 am

If you are new then please read all of this!

Terms To Know

Posting- Making a topic or replying to someone elses topic.

Spamming- You may notice some forums require a certain amount of posts. If you make useless topics just saying "Hi", "Thanks", "I'm trying to get my post count up", or just post one post after another this is spamming. No One Word Posts

Forums- The forums are what you are on now. The forums have many sections in it.

Section- A specific section on the forums contain all the topics and posts.
EX: Main Rules

Topics- A topic a person has opened. Like the name of this topic is Rules

Reply- A reply is made to the topic a person has opened. So if someone wanted to reply to a topic they would click the button. Which this can't be done to this topic as I have disabled it.

1.) No pornographic material.

2.) No illegal content. ISO, CSO, Movie Downloads, ect.

3.) No spamming of ANY kind.

4.) No harassing/flaming (Being disrespectful) any visitors, users, Mods, Admins, or anyone else that uses the forums. If caught and depending on the case you could be banned.

5.) No posting in the wrong sections. It gets Annoying.

6.) No creating a second account, without DrPepper's or my permission. (If caught your second account will be deleted. If you continue doing this you will be banned.)

7.) Please, Don't Put on a fake age, if you are caught, we will remove it. Please Check with an admin if you Want to. Only staff are allowed to Currently.

8.) If posting a download link, the link must be a direct download and not require registration of any kind.

ADVERTISING- Any links are counted as advertising. If it is a website it is a link. If it redirects to another website it is a link. If it goes to another website it is a link. If a link is posted in a code tag it is still a link.


The only way to get your link on my website is to be an affiliate. I am now accepting websites that are similar to mine as an affiliate (Kind of a we are both good websites friendly type of thing). You will need to contact me and give me a link to your website for me to look over. If I approve you will need to put my image and link to my site on your website. To become an affiliate you MUST meet the following requirements:

* Your website is a real domain, not a free site. You actually paid for your website. But Occasionally, We Will make Exceptions.
* Must have at least 50 members

If you see anyone advertising please report them ASAP!

Banning Periods
Depending on the case we may choose to not use Warnings or stop using them after a user just keeps repeating an offense and result to banning. If this is the case the Staff decides on the ban time, by the seriousness of the rule violation, how many have been broke, and how many times each has been broken.

About Custom Titles

If you are caught imitating a staff member you WILL BE BANNED! Banning times will vary on how big the staff member is or how close you are to the staffs title. If it is your first offense as someone who is new you will generally be warned, but other members that have been with us longer should know better by now and will start off with a 2 day ban.

If anyone sees anyone with a title that imitates the following staff members, but they are not in the legend on the homepage please report them to Wafflez, DrPepper, Or an Admin via PM ASAP!

If you imitate any of these names you will be banned.

Site Owner
GFX Designer
Bot Team

NOTE: If the title is close to any of these I will have a staff meeting on if we think it is too close. If it is too close you will be banned, if it is some what close we will ask you to remove it. Ban times will start from 30 min. and very depending on how high up the list the imitation goes. We can understand mistakes, but we do not tolerate imitating staff purposely.

Types Of Posts

Ever wonder what a normal, stickied, and announcement type of post was? Well here is a description.

1.) Normal- These are posts that are made by Visitors and members.

2.) Sticky- These are important posts that need be read. These can only be made by me, Admins, and Mods, but if Wafflez or DrPepper, an Admin, or Mod thinks a Guest or Members post is useful, then they can change it to stickied. Usually these are something that are related to the topic of the forum and can help out a lot.

3.) Announcement- These are important posts that need be read. These can only be made by me, Admins, and Mods, but if me, an Admin, or Mod thinks the Guest or Members post is detailed news and the author of the topic has backed up what their topic, then DrPepper, WaffleZ, an Admin, or Mod may change it to an announcement. This is usually NEWS related to that topic of the forum or title of the post.
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The Rules
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